Q: when installing a borehole how far apart should it be from the premises?

A: A borehole should be at least 10 meters away, which will maximize the heat pump efficiency.

Q: Can a borehole be installed anywhere?

A: A borehole can be installed anywhere that there is sufficient space on the property. Boreholes are usually installed in larger properties.

Q: Is it safe to drink borehole water?

A: Yes it is completely safe to drink borehole water.  It has natural minerals and is not tampered with manmade chemicals nor has it been treated.  It is all natural water.

Q: How long do boreholes last?

A: A borehole can last anywhere from 40 – 80 years if regular maintenance is done.

Q: How do you know where to install a borehole?

A: It is advised that a professional borehole company does the job.  Firstly they would needs to check where the water flow is from there drilling and constructions can take place.

Q: What is the use of a borehole?

A: A borehole is used to extract water from the ground as well as petroleum and natural gases.

Q: Do you pay for using borehole water?

A: No you do not pay for using borehole water.  However you will need to notify your Municipality that you are in fact using borehole water.

Q: What is the amount of water a borehole produces in a day?

A: Depending on how much water flow there is, a borehole can produce at least 15 000 litres a day.  An average home uses about 200 litres a day.

Q: How often should you get maintenance done on a borehole?

A: Maintenance on a borehole should be done at least every 6 months.